Jerry is happily sequestered in his writing studio for the fall and winter. Check back for updates on future public events.

3 thoughts on “COMING EVENTS

  1. Kay McAdam

    Hi, Jerry: We’ve had numerous patrons reading your book, “The Living Great Lakes,” in recent weeks, and I imagine they would love to meet the author. Would you be interested in doing an author visit for our library in Mattawan? We’re one of seven facilities in the Van Buren District Library system.

    I would probably suggest bypassing January and February; I’d hate to get snowed out. However, if you have some open dates in March or April, I’d love to negotiate! If your schedule permits, please let me know your costs, etc. and so forth. . .

    Thank you so much,
    Kay McAdam
    Branch Librarian
    Antwerp Sunshine Library
    24823 Front Avenue
    Mattawan MI 49071

  2. Dick Dunn

    Hello Jerry Dennis. Recently being laid up with acting up spinal stenosis, I received a visit from some church friends bearing a handmade 3 dimensional map of Big Platte Lake, (my wife was adept at fishing, particularly on the Platte River, with the boat managed by her inept husband) and a copy of your The River Home. It was my introduction to your work. I celebrate your values, integrity, and awesome writing skills. You are the only person I know who could write about throwing up in the early stages of the Chicago to Mackinaw Race, and in the next sentence quote William James from his Varieties of Religious Experience and make it all a hilarious literary fit. Anyhow, this old hospital chaplain is on a mission to acquire all your books. Here’s hoping to meet you very soon. We also share the same environmental concerns. Thanks for brightening my days. Dick Dunn


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